The Fundamental Importance of You

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Quote from Seth, vocalized through Jane Roberts:

"It is not just that each person has his or her Source in a "magical" dimension, from which his or her overall life emerges, but that the private source itself is a part of the very energy that upholds the entire planet and its inhabitants, and the overall construct that you understand as the Universe."
-taken from Jane Robert's book: "The Magical Approach: Seth Speaks about the Art of Creative Living"

Jane Roberts was an established poet living in Elmira, NY. At one point in her life she found herself going into trance states where the energy personality of Seth would speak through her, communicating ideas that were beyond her own ability.
She would hold gatherings in her living room where those that became interested and fascinated in the her channeling would come to listen and ask questions.

Here is a recording of such session:

The practice of channeling has been going on since the very beginning of human existence.
Jane is considered to be one of the first of what is considered to be modern-day channeling.
The first book of Seth material came out in 1972.

Here is a poem by Jane Roberts, 1979:

"Magic Show"

What magicians we all are,
turning darkness into light,
transforming invisible atoms
into the dazzling theater
of the world,
pulling objects,
(people as well
as rabbits)
out of secret
microscopic closets,
turning winter into summer,
making a palmful of moments
disappear through time's trap door,

We learned the methods
so long ago
that they're unconscious,
and we've hypnotized ourselves
into believing
that we're the audience,
so I wonder where we served
our apprenticeship,
Under what master magicians did we learn
to form reality
so smoothly that we forgot to tell ourselves
the secret?