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the conflict of dialogue
the language
that renders
as surreal

as an
plays out

"they can't kill me",
so take the chance,
let's do this scene,
then where it ends up....
"don't look at me" kind of thing--
when it comes to "who did this",
well, the author did.
but who and where is the author
and "could he be in front of you or me"?

the seeds of conflict
the viewers
and dress the scene
for entertainment
in a way
that you can look
at it like: "good!-
someone's done all this
crazy stuff for me today"

variations are infinite
but there are
no messages
how to look away

holding yourself
at a distance
and knowing
that this is a stage
that has been forever
and the only change is
the electronics have gotten better

technology allows
us to externalize
our inner selves,
it offers us an ability
to break free.

when watching t.v.
we're engaging with a screen
of powerful imagery

and, in practice,
you can take
mental activity
and apply it to your own movement
using memory as a machine
-it gives us a kind of...

a rebirth
to accept
our mythology

if we can identify
with the people wrapped
up in this virtuality
we can see
that it is
our own nature
that is expanding
to see it all as "we"

and then, as practice, right?
move your arms in full circles
in your own space,
(with no screen)
but mentally imagine
a mental space alongside reality

you see
if we understand the nature
of t.v.
it can free us from some of our suffering
and open up our experience
-our constitution, essentially

to use the medium of our bodies
to channel such energy.

our physical bodies
as being
the differential of
what makes me me
a "variation on a theme"
and you have a different
relationship to
that variation
than he.