Letting your Joy take You for a Ride

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We so often get caught up in making things happen.

If we're not feeling joy or haven't felt it in a while, sometimes we think, we would feel joy if, we were on vacation. Or, the person you wanted in your life was with you, or you had lots of money in the bank to get whatever you wanted.

But what about finding Joy without doing anything, getting anything or going anywhere at all? What about tapping into the emotion of joy and letting each one of your cells experience the limitlessness of Joy.

Joy is within and around us all the time. It pervades the fact that we are able to experience anything at all.

Well-being and happiness is the natural state of the human body. When you relax, all the workings inside the human body machine are set to flow towards joy.*
It's programmed that way. We don't have to make it happen. We just need to practice allowing it to happen.

So, what about following the cell's lead?

Each cell in your body has an inherent, biologically pertinent belief in the development and fulfillment of life. It's programmed to develop and mature in co-resonance with its environment.

"Each cell believes in a better tomorrow. [Each cell] contains within itself a belief and an understanding that it has a future, a fulfilling one, even though death may be tomorrow." -Seth as vocalized through Jane Roberts.

If you want to go for a joy ride in your car, you don't jump in where the engine is because you think the engine might need your help. The engine will do it's work. You sit inside the vehicle and choose which way looks interesting.

There's a lot less that you need to do than you think!
The complex part has already been configured and runs on its own- just to marvel at that, is the Joy.

*If you enjoy the neurophysiology behind how this is true, one book I would recommend is Tom Kenyon's "Brain States".